Projects and References

Our customers include small and medium-sized companies on issues such as Corporate acquisition, strategic realignments, recapitalizations, efficiency improvement projects and business succession.

leansummitListed companies, private companies, financial holding companies, private equity or family offices engage us in Mergers & Acquisitions, for example, to find suitable targets or make divestments.

With most of our clients, we maintain long-term relationships. We work together with them solutions for those issues that have an impact on the competitive advantage and the results of the company. Other projects, for example in the following Areas:

?Lead Advisor M & A transaction ?Projekt crisis management ?Post merger integration ?Entwicklung of business and growth strategies ?Business- and product portfolio management ?Development of productive organizations ?Effizienz- and productivity gains, lean management ?Building up of first-class expertise in the areas of after sales, Supplier Development, Complexity Reduction ?Analysis of customers, suppliers and competitors in changing markets

All of our projects have in common: a sustainable improvement in the competitive position of our customers.

Our partners and customers are:

  1. Medium-sized Enterprises
  2. Group companies
  3. • Entrepreneurs and shareholders
  4. Supervisory Board members, officers, directors and CEOs
  5. • Corporate successor
  6. MBI / MBO aspirants
  7. investors and investment companies
  8. Private Equity Funds and industrial holdings
  9. Exit entrepreneurs and private investors
  10. Family Offices
  11. Strategy Consultants
  12. Corporate Finance Consultants
  13. • Financing Consultants
  14. insolvency
  15. Lawyers
  16. tax advisors and Auditors

As part of the holistic M & A advisory services to our clients we operate in all M&A-process steps:

1. Initial Target Evaluation

  • M&A Case Strategy
  • Initial Analysis
  • Go/ No Go Decision

2. Transaction

  • Management & Governance
  • Deal Structure
  • Resources
  • Due Diligence
  • Value Creation & Synergies
  • Deal Pricing & Financing
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Integration Planning
  • Regulatory approval
  • Go/No-Go Decision

3. Signing & Announcement

  • Singing Details
  • Announcement
  • Pre-Closing

4. Closing (Change of Ownership)

  • Communication
  • Operative Management Structure, Systems and Controls
  • System & Controls

5. Integration Planning

  • Integration structure
  • Resources & responsibilities
  • Working method and tools
  • Reporting & Reviews
  • Ensure on-going sales and customer relationships
  • Transition to line responsibility
6. Integration of Corporate Functions

  • Finance & Control
  • HR & Personnel
  • Cultural Integration
  • Information & Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Legal
  • Communications
  • Sales & Marketing
  • After-Sales & Service
  • Supply Chain Management (Sourcing)
  • Production
  • Technology & R&D
  • Synergies & Value Creation

7. Review & Learning

  • Performance Measurement
  • Continuous M&A Learning

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